Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surgery and Life as it Goes

Okay, so I've got to ask you for prayers again. For my dad mostly, but also for my family.
Here's the story: We bought some heifers a couple of months ago and brought them home on the 1st of March. Our main purpose in buying them was so that my brothers and I had something to show this year. Two of the three of them have horns, and they have to be taken off. The vet came out and told us we needed to have a clipping chute to put them in so that when he took them off they wouldn't dance around and hurt him. So the people I work for said we could borrow theirs. One night last week my dad came over early with the pickup so we could put it on and bring it home. It's not that heavy. He went to lift it up onto the bed of the truck and hurt his arm. I think he just used it wrong or something. Sometimes when you get older something that you normally do can hurt you really bad. A few doctor visits later, we found out he had ripped his bicep tendon and he has to have surgery. It's scheduled for Tuesday morning (April 3rd). Then he won't be able to use it for two or three months. It's going to be a little high-stress around here for a little while. So if you could just pray that my dad gets better and we don't all rip our hair out, that would be greatly appreciated. :)
Thanks so much!

{Oh, on a happier note, I started another blog! It's for girls only, can get to it by clicking here.}

In Christ,

Emily xoxoxo

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