Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prayer Request

Again, another asking of favors!
    My dad recently saw one of his friends, who he hadn't seen in a while. They talked breifly, and my father learned something that happened to this friend's family.
    My dad's friend's name is George. We'll leave it at that. On the Tuesday we were at summer camp, he had to pick his wife up from work (she was sick, and she passed out. Nothing too serious.) When he and his wife got home, he found out his oldest son had committed suicide. There was no note, nothing. I ask that you pray for the family, and for Ryan, the son who is no longer on this earth.
    And, on a more personal (and selfish) note, I would ask you to pray for me. I've been sick for the past few days (nothing life-threatening) and still don't feel 100%. So if you could just pray that I feel better, i would be forever indebted.


In Christ,

Em xoxoxo
"How can I live so that when someone sees me, they are pointed to Jesus? When I speak, it is the Messiah's truths they hear? How can I live that no power is seen to be mine, no authority, no crown, no glory. It all belongs to him. I am the willing, loving servant, providing hands, feet, voice, eyes, and ears for the Holy Spirit to use."
The Damascus Way