About Me

    I'm 15 and the oldest of five. This is my family (in our 2010 Christmas picture): (from left to right) Eli (with boots that are too big), Abe, our cow, (or, as some like to call her, reindeer) Strawberry, my dad, Rich, Me (in the black coat), my mom, Caroline, and Joe (in the Carhartt coat). And, in the front, Ruth.
    I live on a small farm in the heart of Central New York. We currently have 7 bovines (commonly, but mistakenly, known as cows) and a couple dozen chickens.
    My four siblings and I are homeschooled and have been since,well, forever!
    My dad was ordained a priest on May 7, 2011.
    I just recently got this website up and running. I hope you enjoy it!
    Just so you all know, this website isn't meant to be just about me. It's supposed to be for youth, by youth. If you fall into that category and think I need to put a little less about myself on, get involved. You can contact me by clicking here. Trust me, that's what I want!

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